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Now available for Instant Download  Maganthrie Pillay’s long awaited solo poetry collection is now available for immediate download. Following on the success of her critically acclaimed work as part of   WEAVE, Black South African Women’s Poetry Collective and O (Oprah) Magazine,

Shakti Marks of A Warrior represents two decades of deep introspection and insights beautifully combined in her new book of poetry. As one of South Africa’s most accomplished artists, activists and  filmmakers, Maganthrie’s work interrogates life under the brutality of apartheid through the glorious hope filled days of new democracy. Refusing to settle,  Maganthrie leaps forward to ponder and make sense of the sober realities of freedom in a landscape, politically liberated but still psychically and spiritually bound.

Her perspective as a Black woman of Indian descent, brings a unique and original voice to the South African experience as she challenges notions of identity and belonging in a rich masala of the real “rainbow nation”. Nuanced by the township patois of her mother tongue, her poetry dances, sings and bounds across the page, in a convergence of emotional power that calls forth the two great mothers Africa and India.

Shakti Marks of A Warrior is a prayer and meditation on motherhood and the alchemy of womanhood. This 70 page collection evokes deep personal reflection on the part of the reader as a participant in the congregation of the Divine Feminine.  Maganthrie Pillay’s Shakti Marks of A Warrior is a must read for lovers of discovery through the word.   Order your copy now.

Maganthrie’s  poetic style  shows passion and vibrancy, flying high with the great Shakti, Goddess of power and creativity,  muse and mentor.  It is a chariot of words, wrung from the depths of being, pulled by the skin

Dr. Devarakshanam [Betty] Govinden (Foreword)

Author Sister Outsider